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Midnight Sun Iceland by Joe , another fantastic time lapse movie from Iceland which gives us a glimpse of what can we expect from this landscape.



In Iceland, around the Iceland 2013 conference time, we’ll experience some unusual sunrise and sunset times. During most of the conference days, sunrise will be around 3am and sunset will be around midnight. The 3 hour period between sunset and sunrise isn’t nearly enough to throw us into the darkness. If you’re used to shoot outdoor panoramas or landscape work, this is called the golden hour and while in most countries we experience a brief golden hour period where we shoot shoot shoot as fast as we can to get the most of it, here in Iceland we’ll experience a golden hour period that lasts about 5 hours!

When the sun rises, it’s just about time to jump into bed and get the needed rest before the conference starts again at 10am. BTW, unlike previous conferences, we’re only starting the conference every morning at 10am in order to let Iceland 2013 attendees experience this unique golden hour to the max!

Check the exact Sunrise and Sunset times on our Iceland 2013 Schedule.