Iceland 2013

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Iceland 2013 - The International Panoramic Photography Conference

Selfoss, Iceland, June 10 -16, 2013


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Iceland 2013 Pole Pano by Nodal Ninja

Posted on Jul 31 by

The Nodal Ninja team worked hard but managed to pull out a big Pole Panorama inside Hotel Selfoss, thanks a lot for that well worth effort. In case you’re wondering, yes,...


Four Icelandic Panos by John Law

Posted on Jul 31 by

John Law shows us four panoramas from the Iceland 2013 Conference accurately depicting the environment in Selfoss and surroundings… ErrorJavascript not...


Garden Gnomes on air

Posted on Jul 19 by

While in Iceland, the Garden Gnomes took an helicopter ride that was beyond their expectations. Thanks Pilot Gisli for the awesome flight and...


Tom at the Rift by Thomas Sharpless

Posted on Jul 19 by

Thomas “fearless” Sharpless shows us how to capture the scenery from the best spot while making a great selfie at the same time ErrorJavascript not activated Iceland...

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